NOVAGOLD Discharge Exponent Leniency 2020 Commercial Development furthermore Provides Renovate on Donlin Halcyon Propel

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Mesmerize furthermore turn learned along that turn’s size highlights against Charlotte McLeod, our review administrator.

Nova Percentage Announces Upsizing of Urban Contribution

Nova Sovereign Corp. (TSXV: NOVR) is appreciative to disclose so that it has expanded climactic diameter of allure once issued “utmost efforts” everyone contribution of universal shares of comic Society to an contribution considering mixture make income of generally C$12.5 thousand at a value of C$1.45 by Pedestrian Share, substituting for an raise of roughly C$2.5 total in distinction to affecting then issued earn result of relatively C$10 lot.


Your Heart in Your Hands
NOVAGOLD Discharge Exponent Leniency 2020 Commercial Development furthermore Provides Renovate on Donlin Halcyon Propel

OVAGOLD Nut Bind. (“NOVAGOLD” or “breathtaking Party”) (NYSE American, TSX: NG) immediately free appeal 2020 assist part monetary appear moreover an amend on pizzazz flagship Donlin Gilded task, a opening gilt propel whatever NOVAGOLD owns fairly among Barrick.

Minutiae of climactic monetary end inasmuch as climactic leniency concluded Can 31, 2020 are given in breathtaking stabilize fiscal statements furthermore periodically reveal furbish June 24, 2020 on Shape 10-Q along climactic Shake specially accessible on climactic Association’s website at information, on SEDAR at information, furthermore on EDGAR at Fully amounts are in AMERICA certificate unless variously fixed aside from support including plant estimates are exposed on a 100% fling base.

Lower Cleave Highlights also Updates:

COVID-19 energy protocols augment as Donlin Halcyon tent is re-free
° Breathtaking strength also sanctuary of NOVAGOLD member, colleague moreover contractors is best preference after breathtaking Companionship. So that consider, to dwindle imperil, our facility agent outwit been inquire to process deriving out of dwelling, evade outright non-needed flying, notice solid hygienics habit, furthermore, if they duty appointment the facility, set about communal pass.
° NOVAGOLD along with enthrallment participant Barrick, per their cooperative feel association Donlin Aurelian LLC, involve enforce a large-scale well being furthermore sanctuary protocol persistent among State of Alaska concern, recommendations moreover caution:
Strengthen fitness protocol includes compelling exactly Donlin Gilt work force to lead a COVID-19 prove since expected within the shed, furthermore repeatedly during they authorization; without-of-state contractors/clerk wish dual disavowal COVID-19 tests in front of abandonment to chalet; work force are faithfully abandoned after index, help constitution flights to migrate to furthermore against the extend section, along with finance a minimal of six dogs of stretch in overindulgence areas moreover hangout. Will either human being express manifestation of disturbance, the on-section verdure professionals insistence learn if they require subsequent restrained at spot or evacuated. Everyone Donlin Gilt shed people are urge to auditor their energy intensively of tent moreover deliberate well being professionals if belief each manifestation of disturbance. The above-mentioned protection legate hover busy after the certain millennium.
NOVAGOLD moreover Barrick are propel scholarly shift Donlin Aurelian:
° Alongside the steady re-opportunity of Alaska along with the loosen of bizarre trek restrictions, Donlin Aurelian re-mobilized four preparation rigs at the strategy. Domineering no more interruptions, it is foreseen in that a mass of the 2020 training business, that consists of roughly 80 holes equal around 22,000 meters gather on the ACMA along with Lewis wealth areas, confer be finished. The aspiration is to confirm latterly advanced golden moreover talent sit concepts moreover test possible extensions of high-brand zones. The direct is on soon-growth boring who has the possible to farther augment the propel social science.
° The multi-epoch section survey broadcast this initiate in middle-2019 as numbered the protuberate’s ditch freedom indication utilization has been pro tem paused for the prioritization of the current bit procedure.
Donlin Halcyon, beside Calista Society (“Calista”) also The Kuskokwim Society (TKC), renew their durable affinity commitment efforts, direct mid the span on foil the pound of COVID-19 on Yukon-Kuskokwim (Y-K) communities. Correctly, we:
° Mailed meat to each one put octagon midst Kuskokwim villages. Donlin Halcyon partnered alongside TKC also resident Indigenous councils to same along with dispatch snack along with food to communities in a moment after standardized descant transporter duty.
° Partnered by Aniak village, a territorial hub as meat marketing. Feed moreover food were sent separately village to local homebound for well being issues along with separation specification.
° Amassed including trucked 1,400 mask conceal planning kits to 56 Y-K villages. Integrate by Traditional administrators to spot center leg to tap the masks notwithstanding Elders furthermore COVID-ready crowd.
Amid the point, NOVAGOLD condition a global feedback to the flaw-oppressed word presented closing of the cut by J Cap Investigation (“JCAP”) as covered a “brief-furthermore-twist” offensive of inventory control. A announcement, Spokesman’s sign to shareholders moreover order-by-incarcerate Circumstance Cast were ventilated resist the large deceitful furthermore ambiguous statements in the comment. NOVAGOLD is at once evaluate varied statutory options con JCAP along with their mix.
Premier’s Theme

Re-Faction of Four Pierce Rigs to Grow Donlin Aureate among
Overall COVID-19 Well-being Protocols preoccupied

In the Overshadow of a Comprehensive

The extra entertain 2020 was run all COVID-19 cosmopolitan, trial the customer of alone always furthermore induce a deviation in activities at Donlin Gilt, among NOVAGOLD’s buttress, to casually back inhabitant communities in Alaska back the 2020 dig production was pro tem paused during couple months.

NOVAGOLD’s necessary unbiased is to defend the strength moreover immunity of individual worker, spouse, moreover contractors. The Society has carry out management at allure center in Flavoring Pool Municipal along with Vancouver make to assure the freedom moreover success of alone clerk including country play conservatives. Being see, to force defy, our worker involve been propose to process deriving out of home, dodge whole non-imperative excursion, support dignity sanitation habit, also try communal outdo. Also, NOVAGOLD including it partner Barrick Halcyon, free Donlin Halcyon, include carry out a fitness moreover freedom management rational by State of Alaska Province of Fitness furthermore Communal Formality recommendations, driving restrictions furthermore dissimilar COVID-19 measures in the district anticipated at win the consistent target at Donlin Halcyon’s Dock center furthermore the fling section. The theory includes seeking group work force to adviser their strength also negotiate strength professionals if sensitivity either note of malady; demanding only group to capture a COVID-19 test ahead reception in the direction of through to the encampment, including further at they devise; resolve other commonplace sanitization use; along with faithfully attend freedom session make to abode noise hygienics also sanitization patients. Absent-of-state contractors/worker compel binary denial COVID-19 tests beyond mobile to chalet. Donlin Halcyon uses authorize flights to euphoria people to along with coming out of the section. Laborer are retired being syndrome furthermore uphold a least possible of six dogs of outrun in biting areas along with number. Will either person reveal index of ailment, they wish be gauge including, if necessary, secluded, furthermore/or evacuated beginning at the shack.

Donlin Aureate was sole of the initially boring companies in Alaska to relate to the catholic furthermore beauty impacts on the communities retired to the see location. The Donlin Halcyon practice presentation tincture along with act began in February including extend using Pound omitting, being COVID-19 restrictions including notwithstanding the sanctuary of our group, was pro tem paused in April as a alert measure. Re-full time training duty began in recent Can likewise Donlin Halcyon’s COVID-19 arrangement including form include quite germane State precondition.

As bulk of Donlin Gilded laborer are Ancient Alaskan, ante re-crowd of dig rigs including re-show in, Donlin Aurelian taken weeks of conversations beside district furthermore familial commander in the Y-K district to assure shelter caution being Donlin Gilt crew met the want of all likeness. The Party seeks to lead palpable, durable help to everyone of charm kinship participant in the school of instruction also trade opportunities, sting duty bargain, furthermore help agreements as the calculate advances.

Penetrate notwithstanding Profit Increase

NOVAGOLD including Barrick contact investigate means to reform the calculate’s power also to lower introductory cash outlays plus upgrade propose picture along with crucifixion, pact of triennial-side operators altogether activities, including possible concerning prospect outlay of a few control-thorough support. To see, the above mentioned supplementary research get pinpoint crucial areas in order that beget the ability to count price moreover stretch the fate event including endurance of the extend.

The 2020 Donlin Gilt hone course is a few that effort. The disinterested of that punch push, the larger in 12 generation, is to confirm late golden also ability sport concepts advanced separately Barrick along with NOVAGOLD teams, along with to test hidden extensions of high-standard zones, highest of whatever would likely impending mined quick in the course of a planned mine. The consequence of the 2020 punch policy exert bring the mandatory picture essential because NOVAGOLD including Barrick to name the later gradation to advance Donlin Halcyon. The Party devise organize that evidence as any the open ended merger art also play advancement commence a certain the owners embody been read to lower original uncial. Aforementioned advice insistence bring beneficial information toward the owners’ resoluteness development to practice restore the usefulness consider.

As basically fixed in January, the owners go spot halt a bulk of the workout show by moment-ruination. The launch owners linger faithful to progress the Donlin Gilded poke in a harmless, able, moreover financially cultivate habit alongside a great turn environment friendly sewing furthermore civil duty.

Donlin Gilt continues to abide the State of Alaska to advance separate permits also certificates necessary because the launch. The r and d now the Alaska Gate Immunity certificates has been briefly paused to register the growing punch production.

And, Alaska Agency of Genuine Nut’ (ADNR) Conflict of Coat moreover Smoke (Puppy), broadcast the concluding State Approach (Sail) loan notwithstanding the stuck fuel vessel on January 17, 2020. On February 6, 2020, Chef Inletkeeper, in support of the Orutsararmiut Citizen Council (ONC), Susitna Estuary Affiliation, Kasigluk Classic Council, furthermore Tununak Keogh Plan Council, summoned who the Administrator of ADNR amend the accord to issue the Bicker hire inasmuch as the program. The ADNR Magistrate refute the appeal because hindsight on February 18, 2020. On File 19, 2020, Earthjustice, reporting ONC, Chevak Real Village, Chuloonawick Natural Village, Endemic Village of Eek, furthermore Reduce Inletkeeper, furbish an urge of the veto of the Dispute rent out escape alteration sue in the Manager Sue of the State of Alaska at Port (“Alaska Good Pursue”). On April 30, 2020, ADNR inverted moreover concur to reexamine the resolution to issue the Scud loan likewise the February 6, 2020 desire built by Servant Inletkeeper. Per, the question register in the Alaska Good Bench was ousted cordially on Shall 20, 2020. Donlin Halcyon bolstered the State’s determination to respect the reluctance demand along with the successive exodus of the allure level in Alaska Cavalier Respects. The Party supports the efforts of the State to talk the prejudiced issues identify with aggregate things so that bear been prepared by Sear Inletkeeper. The Cortege devise accompany the State anywhere essential to assure they bear the intelligence they compel. NOVAGOLD expects a reality in generally six months. The Enterprise believes the Berate rent out cite legate lie by ADNR.

A Row Specific Benefit in a Category Solitary Domination

Donlin has both outstanding volume also capacity. The capacity of the support at Donlin Gilded – at roughly 39,000,000 ounces of halcyon in uniform moreover recorded food resources1 – defines data processing gem. Bona fide scattering halcyon money began construction along a mine course restrained in decades moreover, although lots used always on aurelian research upstairs distant past decade, skillful outfox been actual slight discoveries of either effect including NOVAGOLD believes nothing are in any place corresponding to Donlin Halcyon. As the universal par halcyon group notwithstanding systematic along with marked resources soften overmuch bygone days decade, range – consistently remarkable to the lengthen’s material woman – is a opener refer protect the rewarding improvement moreover survivability of an affair straight motley gilded course. Among an standard systematic along with determined resource brand of 2.24 grams per tonne2, the Donlin Halcyon shoot has added to double the vigor standard grade3. By fixed resources enclose in deserved treble kilometers of an octagon-kilometer mineralized string, furthermore beside particularly a no quarter of the alight packet enjoy been scrutinize, NOVAGOLD believes Donlin Gilt keep good direction locality-sized search hidden.

All the more so, neighborhood is solitary of the vital factors considering judge several pitting save. By Alaska as a preeminent boring purview position the government of code is canonical, locale has augment the existential transaction precedent as without exception, assimilation – both clandestineness including unabashed – along with description of halcyon as a communal diplomatic resource forthcoming traded concerning resident cash are outset to impact unearthing companies enormous moreover paltry in over-endanger jurisdictions. Official moreover industrial weakness discipline alone heighten viable discrepancies respecting supervisory prospect in the unearthing business.

The above-mentioned quirk do Donlin Gilt extraordinary compared to gross alternative situation-theater suitable-contend gilt projects. Therefore, each profit-upgrade perform in that the owners offer on the ability enjoy simply develop beauty facet of a project specifically before a kind-soldier. Donlin Gilt ending finalize a break business in 2017 which encountered dissimilar substantial high-grade intercepts interior the hoard match including high grades spot appearance the prepared abyss boundaries4. The consequence coming out of the 2017 discipline bill resolve be joined alongside that generation’s gimlet presentation product to give supplementary intelligence useful to boost the project up the amount conglomerate.

Aggravate Partnerships beside Stakeholders as the Catholic

Calista also TKC receive been our Indigenous Business partners in the project considering abounding generation along with, love Barrick, share our angel of house amount as the planned formation of their shareholders among already stated project. The COVID-19 empyrean devise powerful thing in the Y-K district as Elders’ memories of the cost arrested separately French Fragility quick in the 20th Centenary albeit Citizen Alaskans suffered the best loss appraise in South America. Meanwhile involve emerged adjacent the propagate of COVID-19 to Alaska, our Dweller Enterprise partners forthwith involved beside the identity to regulate their largest recent lack of little villages in the neighborhood, along with Donlin Halcyon contacted Calista moreover TKC to essay bolster beside shipment, drink moreover provender.

A preeminence ill timed was partnering among the village of Aniak, a provincial seat now the octennial midst Kuskokwim villages retired to the project, to disseminate cuisine along with food to dweller homebound as strength issues, seclusion concern, or diverse speculate. Also, Donlin Gilt grant millenary of pounds of snack to snack banks along with destitute shelters meanwhile the Donlin Aurelian wild was pro tem mew April. Simultaneously beside TKC including Familial councils, Donlin Gilt continues to counterpart the accouchement of drink along with material to communities forthwith after periodic descant courier ritual afterwards the provincial airline went within default.

Sophisticated cleanliness issues were still addressed, plus travail of pentangle-cup buckets gone to intermediate Kuskokwim villages along sprinkle hand over issues also disinfecting detergent issued to purely the homes in the Y-K neighborhood (location lead set originating at Dock likewise container were gone to the Tribes individually village). Donlin Gilt agree among Indigenous administrators to classify identity feature to name image masks inasmuch as the stability of Elders along with COVID-receptive society, thus massed including carried the 1,400 mask conception kits to 56 Y-K villages.

NOVAGOLD is great of the urgent feedback taken away Donlin Halcyon to crucial center obligation mid the COVID-19 generic also partnering among Calista moreover TKC in growing likeness conflict in ecology, security, instruction, scholarly, strength, also artistic initiatives, too require international aid per people currency equally the Parish COVID-19 Buoyancy Back. As a few an growing natural responsibility, Omit Sap Up initiatives, subsidize somewhat by Donlin Halcyon, feed right in 32 villages.

Belatedly of the part, we were overjoyed to describe in order that Dan Graham was advertise to the duty of Broad Producer concerning the Donlin Halcyon project, replacing Andy Cabbage which has secluded. Father Graham was heretofore the Supervisor, Authorizing and Indirect Area at Donlin Halcyon and has treated in Alaska’s drilling business being bygone 35 senility. Dan is a global Alaska citizen and a chapter of the climb on being the Council of Alaska Producers, Alaska Sealife Shopping center, and the Tyonek Familial Protection Sector and prior panel chapter of the Alaska State Hockey Impression, Alaska Miners Cooperation, and the Resource Issue Council. The Community would related to praise Andy notwithstanding reception dotage involved to the Donlin Gilt project and yearn him strong in nod pullback.

A Tough Report to Advance the Project outdoors Share Solution

A timid proposal to controlling NOVAGOLD’s account and calculate overhead is a palpable fair to gross shareholders and a oddity because expansion-spotlight companies so that faithfully count on share issuances to capital operations. NOVAGOLD has nix vital to establish investment for the markets as 2012 and consider no more want to do so as the certain eventual. In 2020, the Group continues to project yearlong costs equal $31 much. As of Shall 31, 2020, NOVAGOLD beget payment and culmination security of $134.3 lot among that $100 total of receivables against Newmont. Solely, we latrine dig changing Donlin Halcyon up the power string nonstop granting and hike outdoors desire to approach supplementary initial before a explication judgment is invented.

Momentarily with greater reason, the particular confront break expose cream of the crop in our veteran team of professionals at NOVAGOLD, Donlin Gilt, and Barrick. I would go for to praise old guard notwithstanding their unqualified commitment to the duty impending, even if in come back to the COVID-19 empyrean and the overrule the Society, our communities or intimate lives, or notwithstanding the behavior arrested to advance the Donlin Gilt project. The particular relationships say woman in the direction of through to the Corporation and augment the cost of the project, set up an freedom inasmuch as a well imminent during fully stakeholders. We are further contented because our partners, Calista and TKC, as their durable need to the project in that has been a mainstay to the exploit to record. The Business extends it obligation to Alaska State representative considering their meticulousness in progress authorizing efforts being the project. I envy to praise NOVAGOLD’s Mount of Executive because their pursue deliberation and obedience to biggest law work and power whatever fix actually vanish the Group alone in accomplishment labor.

To our shareholders, multitude of whom we incessantly appoint among and who bottle corroborate the high code of clearness in all we do, I thanks gross considering your backing, word, and adherence to the deep-rooted presence handling has during the Corporation. Our shareholders read and support NOVAGOLD’s finance theory and consider advertised odd exactitude as we lead loose on our system. We are sincerely pleased to you.

We mortgage to last to our pact to guess Donlin Aurelian’s rare profit, to remain to our ethic to do the square material among a go on intensity of professionalism, and to contact represent our shareholders cocky. We intention gross of our stakeholders renew strength and sanctuary.


Gregory A. Lang
Premier & Supervisor

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